Nathan Regal was dead and Jenna couldn’t make herself forget. All she could do was run. She stumbled down the dark alleys of Chrysanthemum, throwing away her high heels. Through the tears and the bitter shame, she couldn’t know if anyone chased her. She was a mess when she reached the hideout. They told her … Continue reading 1.12


Nate wished he had died that night. At the very least, he hated the idea of waking up. For an eternity he thought nothing, content in the dreamless night of his mind. He was aware of nothing, which was better than the alternative. Several times he felt the pull of consciousness dragging him back into … Continue reading 1.11


The first thing Sam Lincoln noticed as he journeyed along the shadowy road to consciousness, was the pain. It was dull at first, like a headache that seemed a few hours off. It didn’t take long before the subtle ache became intolerable agony. It was like being struck with hammers, all over his body. Sam … Continue reading 1.10


The room was frozen. Nate may not have been the most assertive guy in the world, but he absolutely could be when he was in character.  Right now, he wasn’t Nathan Regal the distinguished actor. Right now he was Detective Regal, a man straight out of the silver screen. Detective Regal was a man who … Continue reading 1.09


Nate placed one foot out of the Void Knave and onto the surface of the planet. He, Milah, and the Knave travelled across the stars; they had been to nearly every human planet but somehow it always led them back here, Terra Secundus. Where he was born. The first human star colony, and now the … Continue reading 1.08


“I’ll escort you to your new quarters, Ms. Amaris.” the Navigator’s robotic voice stated kindly. If he had a mouth, Kaori suspected it would be smiling politely. But she wasn’t ready yet. They were leaving her rusty planet behind soon, and there was certainly no way she wasn’t going to watch their ascension to the … Continue reading 1.07


Ashur stepped gingerly across the wreckage of the royal guards, humming to himself over the grinding, scraping and sawing noises his little scrapbots were causing as they continued to break the big robots into increasingly small pieces. At last, he reached the great vault door, smiling in satisfaction that he was finally going to reap … Continue reading 1.06