“Now repeat it back to me, what is your mission?” “I’m Ashur’s mechanic now,” Kaori said. Annie tapped her foot, beginning to lose patience. “No, you are my mechanic.” She took a deep breath. “Now, what is your mission, as my mechanic?” The scavenger took a while to answer. Annie wasn’t really sure why this … Continue reading 1.13


Nathan Regal was dead and Jenna couldn’t make herself forget. All she could do was run. She stumbled down the dark alleys of Chrysanthemum, throwing away her high heels. Through the tears and the bitter shame, she couldn’t know if anyone chased her. She was a mess when she reached the hideout. They told her … Continue reading 1.12


Nate wished he had died that night. At the very least, he hated the idea of waking up. For an eternity he thought nothing, content in the dreamless night of his mind. He was aware of nothing, which was better than the alternative. Several times he felt the pull of consciousness dragging him back into … Continue reading 1.11