Kaori stared at the little glowing ball amongst the worthless scrap heap. Perhaps calling it a ball was inaccurate, she knew enough to identify it as a protective force bubble of some sort. The real object of value was inside, an electronic device from what she could see. Throughout the outer part of the field … Continue reading 1.02


Nearly a decade after the accident, the Navigator stood on the bridge of the ship, staring out the window at a large rust-colored world. Even from orbit, the planet looked lumpy, with deep scars cut all across the surface. Flawlessly polished black boots marched their way into the bridge. The doors whooshed open, catching Nav’s … Continue reading 1.01


The Nightingale drifted through space, orbiting a blue sun. They called her a light frigate. Larger than the majority of ships that traveled the stars, but tiny compared to a real warship or shipping vessel. Her design was sleek, aerodynamic even. The Nightingale was the largest class of ship capable of entering a planet's atmosphere, … Continue reading Prologue